Brick Repair

A cracked, loose, or broken brick not only looks bad, but it can cause an opening (literally!) for further damage.

Call us today to have your brick masonry inspected and evaluated to see if you have any brick repair needs or if you would like to schedule preventative maintenance to prevent damage-causing moisture from entering.

Brick Mortar Repair – Tuckpointing

The mortar joint plays a significant role in the structure and structural integrity of the wall. It holds the bricks together, it bears the compressive weight of the wall just as the bricks, and it keeps water out of the wall. It is also the weak link in the brick wall system because if water is allowed to get past the mortar and into the wall, brick failure may occur such as cracking or popping (spalling).

Preventative Brick Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is important and can prevent costly repairs in the future. Preventative inspections and maintenance are much more affordable than repairs.

Rebuild Brick Masonry

If you already have found your brick masonry is damaged and in need of repair, we are fully equipped to restore and rebuild your brick structure.