Chimneys are our specialty. Whether it be chimney repair, preventative maintenance, or a complete rebuild that you need, we are dedicated to keeping costs affordable for every client. Let us come and evaluate your chimney to determine exactly what your needs are.

Repair Damaged Chimney

Most of the time the chimneys we inspect only need to be repaired. The basic process involves completely grinding out all mortar joints and tuck-pointing to restore the integrity of the structure. Occasionally we find damaged brick that will need replaced or part of the chimney will need to be rebuilt.

Complete Chimney Rebuild

In some cases the chimney damage is extensive and requires a complete rebuild. This process includes taking down and removing the damaged chimney and rebuilding it with all new materials.

Seal Your Chimney Cap

The cement chimney cap can be prone to damage and cracking. This is when a sealant is useful to prevent water from entering the structure. We use a silicone or urethane coating over the top of the entire concrete chimney cap. This procedure is a cost effective way to prolong the life of your chimney.