Brick Patio Expansion – Expanding Your Existing Patio

Do you want to expand your existing patio to make it larger and more accommodating? We will install a new foundation that extends off of your existing patio foundation to the size that you desire. The brick will also be matched to the same size and color of the existing brick so as to make the expansion seamless.

Brick Patio Leveling – Repair Sunken Patio Pavers and Low Spots

Over time as your patio ages, you may start to see some dips and low areas. This can happen when the brick pavers have settled down into the sand foundation. We will completely take up and remove the brick pavers in the low spots and add a layer of crushed limestone underneath. After that, we will re-compact the sand and limestone and replace the brick pavers to yield a level, pristine patio.

New Brick Patios – Install a Brand New Custom Patio

Have a patio idea that you want to bring to life? We can help with that. We can install a custom designed outdoor patio area.

Installing a new patio requires excavation of the desired area. Then crushed limestone is added and compacted to form the foundation and the pavers of choice are added.  A mechanical edger is also installed to maintain the patio perimeter and position.

Brick Laid on Concrete Foundation Repair

Some patios have a concrete foundation. When it comes to repair, we grind out all the mortar joints and replace the bad brick. We also level out any uneven, non-draining areas and re-point the entire area to restore the patio to its original condition.