Step Building – Build a New Set of Steps

If the damage of your existing set of stairs is too extensive or you want a brand new set of stairs, we will pour a new step foundation. This will be a solid masonry foundation with brick veneer added.

Step Rebuilding – Repair Damaged Steps

If there are issues with an existing set of stairs due to damage or degradation, you may need the problem areas removed and repaired. Mortar in the problematic areas will be ground out and new bricks will be placed and tuck-pointed.

Mortar Repair and Tuckpointing Steps

Sometimes an existing set of stairs just need new mortar and no other major repairs. The mortar between the bricks is ground out and replaced with new mortar then tuck-pointed.

Add Brick Veneer on Concrete Steps

Are you wanting a new look for those concrete steps? Brick veneer may be a good choice for you. When using brick veneer, you will still have the look and feel of brick that is simply installed on top of the existing concrete. After the brick veneer is placed it is then tuck-pointed leaving the result of new brick steps.