Chimney Repair Using Stucco

Unfortunately chimney masonry degrades over time and requires repair. Sometimes the masonry has been degraded and damaged too much for a repair and the entire chimney may need to be rebuilt.

Installing stucco on the chimney may be a cost effective alternative. This process involves adding masonry cement to the entire surface of the existing brick thus restoring the structural integrity of the chimney making it safe to use and extending the life of the structure.

Repairing Interior Basement Walls with Stucco

Many older homes have a low basement with a stone foundation made of rock and rubble. This type of foundation has a very irregular surface and can be difficult to repair and seal with tuck-pointing.  To properly seal and stabilize the stone foundation, stucco can be added as a viable, strong alternative.

Use Stucco to Repair Exterior Foundation

Stucco can also be added to exterior foundations to stabilize and extend the life of your foundation. Over time, the foundation block can deteriorate leaving it with a jagged and uneven surface. At this point, stucco can be used to even out the foundation surface to give it an appealing, smooth appearance.